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Can Light Body Healing Help Me?

by Partha Roy
( Kolkata , West Bengal ,India)

Can Light Body healing help me to find suitable resources rich healthy lady companion to create healthy, wealthy family & create several children who will serve mankind globally using knowledge , professional skills, wealth etc.

I always believe in Unity of Mankind and wanted to create mix race family from my childhood.

My biological mother wanted me to be someone who will work to take humanity to new heights of socio-econoic prosperity transcending differences of race, religion, political ideology ,etc guided by truth as well as create family & children.

I was on that path at the beginning of my professional career in media but sadly I have to move out of my professional career in media including damaging my personal life to hide error of decision of my senior colleagues in media.

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Jun 13, 2008
Your soul purpose
by: Mashubi

Hello dearest Partha! Thank you for writing. Light body healing or any form of spiritual practice or support helps us to become more authentically who we are, and helps us align with our soul purpose for which we incarnated into this lifetime. Your heart's desire to manifest your soul's purpose will lead you to the experiences, people and situations that are needed. It has been my experience that God often gives us even more than we ask for, and that it may or may not be in the exact form or package that we asked for or thought we wanted.

As you pray to serve the unity of mankind, ask also that God's will be done, so that you may fulfill your divine purpose in whatever way best serves your highest good and the good of all mankind. This opens the spiritual pathways for your heart's desire to manifest either through the vision you currently hold, or something even better and more fulfilling that you currently cannot imagine. What do you feel and think about this? Thank you for sharing, and much love to you.

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