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Breakthrough to Him and Let him Call

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

Dear God, Dear Jesus,

I come to you, persistent, every single day, all day pleading and begging for you to answer my prayer to bring my Phillip back to me. I prayed for the right one and I believe it was a miracle how you put the two of us together and built us the way you did. I understand the age difference now and you know why. Phillip is very stubborn and set in his ways and frame of mind. I have tried and exhausted all options I have to get through to him. His heart and head and feelings are very closed off towards me. He sees only what he wants to, remembers only what he wants to, feels what he wants to, and his not allowing any give and take in this situation. You know what happened and you know that it isn't right. I do not believe you brought us together the way you did and placed our lives and hearts together for that to be gone overnight without reason. I know he was scared because he felt we got too serious too fast, circumstances confused his mind and feelings and he lost his way and lost sight of who I was to him. For that, I can completely forgive. I'm asking you, please, work miracles through him, soften his head and his heart, remind him of the happiness and joy and love and laughter and trust and the two people who are identical to each other and remind him he has made a mistake. Guide him to restore communication with me. Give me this breakthrough with him. Let us start over with each other. Let him take the chance and want to bring me back into his life and career. Let him remember the Happy Birthday message I sent him that he did not reply to and let him see the kindness and goodness in me again and allow his heart and head to want that back into his life. I promise you, Lord, I WILL sing on the mountain tops the praises that it was GOD and HEAVEN who brought him back to me. You are the ONLY one who can change this situation around and I KNOW this is meant to be. I know it with all of my heart. Please don't deny me this, I ask with all the love and goodness of my heart. Heal Phillip of anything keeping him apart and silent towards me. You know that he can completely trust me, and that he will have all of my support and love through anything we may have to deal with - just let us deal with things together. Please God. Hear the intercessory prayers for this situation and see that this is being prayed for not just by me, but by those who intercede on my behalf. See my mother's heart and prayers and faith in this. Hear her words and let them be true. Bring this miracle and blessing to me. Help me to be silent and when I have received him back, lead every step of our way now that we will have learned about each other and have a foundation with emotion. Please work miracles and bring him talking to me. Help me. Help him.

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