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by Alice

I don't know what to say..i still feel very tied to this world of matter..it's a very difficult moment of my life and I'm full of anger.

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Jun 10, 2008
Passing through
by: Mashubi

Thank you dearest Alice for sharing. I send you love and prayers for a speedy passage through this difficult time.

With much love,

Jan 25, 2012
ruined my whole life NEW
by: Michael

I am soooooo lost.. I recently hit ground zero of my life where I've been soo afraid all my life I just drank it all away and never paid attention to my actions.

I have recently moved across the country to live with my parents who are 60 and 67. I have literally screwed my self in every avenue.. I have debt, very bad credit, barely any clothes, no education anymore (let my computers go over the last few years) no vehicle or means to get one.. my physical health has been deteriorating over the years yet I ignored it.. and my teeth are shot as well...

Oh and I sort of left my spouse in another city to come home & "heal"... wtf... i dunno.. sooo scared, lost, regretful, guilt, depsair, shame, anger, you name it... i feel there is no hope, but who knows... that's all I haveand it feels more like.. regret.. wishing to be able to turn back time and do it again.. pieces

thanks for listening

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