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Beneath the light of the moon

by Naomi

Beneath the light of the moon and out of the silence that falls over the earth in these holy hours, I try and imagine the unlimited reach of God enfolding humanity in those great arms next to that great heart, and I lay open my own created being to the vision of those divine eyes that see us as we truly are.
I open to hearing the voices and murmuring of millions. I open to listening to all the prayers, to the heartbreak, and to hear the shouting of all of the fears and anger and judgment of those who try and resist a Love that crosses all boundaries and melts all that is less than Love.
I can envision the spark in every heart….and feel the breath of love that causes it to burst into flame….that flickering eternal flame that clears the way for Love that can never be turned away….Love that outlasts every protest every judgment, every protest, every denial, and yet, continues to wait with open arms for us to surrender to eyes that see us as beautiful and precious and as a vital part of the great Love out of which we have come.

There is no name that can hold the compassion and inclusiveness of the Presence which embraces us all, but for me, the name of Beloved comes the closest, for it allows us to experience belovedness as the dream forming in our hearts of the truest reality of who or what that Love would be for each one of us.

How would we hope in our heart of hearts that we might be welcomed and loved by another, and suddenly find ourselves in a loving shelter that included all other hearts?

I feel the embrace of such a Beloved, and I feel humanity there with me, loved beyond imagining for who they are. Open your hearts, free your spirits to surrender to the Belovedness that is expanding eternally, and feel the glow that surrounds you in the sacred space of wherever you are, in this holy moment of awareness. I feel and witness to experiencing the great power of this truth in my own heart. It spills over in this precious silence, brimming over, running out, in streams of life-giving Love to everyone
May you feel this presence in your hearts, the companion that never leaves you, and loves you always.

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