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Beginning a New Chapter

by David Clark
(New Zealand)

Dear Mashubi,
There are so many things going through my mind at present. I am not sure that I can rationally place them in order. I had a stroke on 4/1/08. I was at home but Claire called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital. I was still conscious. This was the beginning of a long process of recovery for me. I was in hospital for a week and was taken home for the weekend. This led to us thinking that we could manage the recovery process with no pressure on me for the first four weeks. So on Monday much to the hospitals unhappiness Claire signed a letter relinquishing them of all responsibility and I was out. So home I went and to bed where I stayed put for four weeks. It has been a gradual process of healing for five months. There were a few dark episodes in between times in which I was sure I had been forgotten by God but they have been few and in the first 3 months. Julie has been an amazing help with a letter to me explaining what is happening and why!! and I have witnessed many miraculous events in myself, events that have been truly healing. Everything has been rewired together and reprocessed in a way that is better than before. Praise God. At the moment I have just been through a job interview for a job as a Laboratory Technician. I was fortunate and start next Monday. I am a work in progress as far as healing goes but it is getting easier by the day. Three months ago writing this would have been an impossibility.
Dear Mashubi, as you can see in some ways I have been very fortunate. I have just read Chapter 2 of the Invisible Sunrise, and my mind is still buzzing with ideas of possibilities. I can hardly wait for Chapter 3 and 4.

With love David

PS Claire has reminded me that there has been an amazing healing throughout the family as well in so many ways.

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Jun 15, 2008
Gratitude for your recovery and changed
by: Doran

Dear David,
We're so glad to hear of your continuing recovery and know and trust in the profound 'rewiring' that is taking place for you. Knowing what it feels like to feel forgotten by God, we wish you the ongoing faith to persevere through these times. We're grateful that Julie has been able to help you, and affirm that help and light are being offered, even when it is difficult to feel it. We hope your new job also goes well.
with love,
Doran and Mashubi

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