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Be in the Moment

by Bea Cumming
(Oxfordshire, RG (uk))

Be all you can be, nothing more nothing less
Is the easiest of all of the withstanding tests
To know who you are and stand tall in your power
Put all past behind you and be NOW in the hour
To live then this truth in each minute of time
Makes your heart that much stronger and the nature much kind.

Live not with experiences that beget hurt and pain
By reliving each moment again and again
Waste not the energy that life has to give
On meagre temptations and misery to live
Do not ponder reason but move from that space
For conditual harmony evolves human race

Feel light in your heart and sure in your step
Fear not of your troubles but rejoice each one met
IF ridicule follows and seeks you to prey
Accept their opinion then move on your way
Let nothing disturb you, draw peace from within
And know that all man from the same place begins

So be all you can be, stand now in your power
Let each day be the moment of your finest hour.

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