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Asking for Spiritual Relationship Advice

by Deirdre

I have a problem with my boyfriend that is interfering with my spiritual peace of mind...I am much more spiritual than he is, although he loves and respects this about me and is becoming more spiritual himself...he doesn't seem to be as serious about relationships as I am-in his work he travels for months at a time and lives far from me to begin with and we only see each other on weekends...although I speak with him daily, I don't feel a closeness between us anymore as we hardly see each other..this doesn't seem to bother him although I do believe he feels it...I have never pressured him about a commitment, but it doesn't seem to me that we are going anywhere...this is interfering with my meditations and peace...I am trying not to judge, but am I wasting my time? If you have any advice I would certainly appreciate it...thanks so much...Dee

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