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Asking for Prayers to Change the Law

by Shelley

hi my name is shelley i wrote in a few months ago concerning the prescription drugs and other drugs in our community, i lost my 2 boys oct and nov of 2007, just 19 days apart, to prescription drugs (methadone) and since my boys there have been several others, around our community that have lost their children too, the same way, i feel so helpless, we need to stop this because drugs our taking over, we do continue to have our community prayers against drugs,each sunday at 3:00 p.m. how are people getting their hands on these drugs and being able to turn around and sell them to these children, when you choose to sell drugs, and knowing they can harm or kill someone why isnt there a law against, this they are legaly killing, and getting by with this what is wrong with our country, there should be a harsher punishment for the drug dealers, this is the hardest thing i've ever had to do it has changed my life, and i pray this will not ever happen to anyone reading this, we do need help, if u have any answers to help me please let me know, the law needs to be changed people are getting by with murder, thank you for reading this and may god bless you and protect your children from these kind of people.

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