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Comments for Asking for Prayers

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Mar 11, 2008
need prayer partners to stand in agreement
by: Anonymous

Please Pray for Lorraine Miller passed out and is paralized hit her head now needs to have operation Thursday 13th/08 Very serious operation so they say we know that God is able to bring her back to serve the Lord again amen
Thank You

Apr 11, 2008
You are in my prayers
by: OneHeartSura

God, we pray for this mother doing the best she can to take care of her children. Please send your Angels to her now, surrounding her in your love and light, comforting her mind, releasing her worry into the light, and offering her hope and direction. May a miracle appear before her family now, may her mind be made miracle-ready to indeed welcome the miracle. Please know your children are watched over, and lets just now rejoice in the goodness of God! You are so very very loved, lift your heart up to the light, let your thoughts be elevated to the mind of God. May all your needs be met in a holy instant, delivered just as you asked for! Blessings to you and your family, sending rays of love and light to you,
love is all there is,

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