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Asking for a sign

I ask for Jesus and an army of Angels to be sent to my situation and to answer my prayers and the prayers of all those who pray for me. Heaven knows all details.

My mother is praying very hard for this situation. I ask God to hear her words and thoughts on this problem and I pray He guides me through her. My faith is not strong as I doubt, am scared, and can not stop the tears from my eyes. I can't stop and stay quiet as God has asked me to through my mother. Please pray I am forgiven for this, but that God knows it is through heartbreak and watching my future fall apart.

I need only a sign of reassurance to feel peace and that reassurance has not come. My mother says if I stay quiet and let God work, I will receive a sign and that everything will work out.

Please pray for this and for all involved and for all the intentions in my heart. Pray that God fills my arms with the one I love again.

This Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to God and give thanks God for the blessing of this prayer being answered.

Please also pray for Kelly P. She took her own life this week and left behind her two children.

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