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Arise Oh Spirit of Love!

by Naomi

Oh my beloved Lord,
though you have left this world
as the person we once knew,
arise from the
darkness of this hour,
and may your spirit come to us
as you promised
and be with us always.
Come dwell in our hearts,
enter into our souls
to guide us,
and make known to us
the will of God.

Grant us the openness
to live this new life
in the light of
your love.


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Oct 06, 2008
Oh, Spirit of Love!!
by: Deb

Dear Naomi...thank you so for the blessing of your vision and prayer...I say, AMEN...in the void, vast unknowingness let us FEEL your presence and PEACE within our hearts as we face what is before us with FAITH that all is in your hands in perfect and divine order. Much loving gratitude....for your spirit, Naomi.....thank you for the LIFT...:-)

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