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An Interpersonal Relationship With A Man

by Dominica Dimataga
(Mactan Island Phils)

my latest pic

my latest pic

Right now, I believe 'am having a relationship with a man whom I met 28 years ago. It's seems I am recreated with time, my physical being, my mind, and soul. Literally my body became young again and my mind refreshes itself as I found myself being at one with God. But I'd like to have a profound answer regarding this man woman relationship. This guy 'am talking about speaks to me in my mind and vice versa in the spiritual realm though in the physical world he hardly expresses himself. Is there such a thing as strict relationship in the spirit. We come across each other all the time in the mind or the spiritual world...and talk rarely on the cell phone..

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sounds familiar ... :)
by: Dee

yes, it is possible ... just keep your feet on the ground as well, as this all proceeds, ok?

my experience is that we are all divine beings having a human experience ... so connecting at that divine level makes sense to me.

of course it is amazing ... it is literally divine ... AND we live in a physical world, so mixing these worlds up can be confusing and tricky. just be aware ... and enjoy ... :)

The same with us,
by: Anonymous

Well in a way to say the least,
We're young,fragile,naive a bit to say the least but he's a bit run down I'd say in his own way he's done more then I have expirenced more therefore feels older until meeting me his family thanks me for giving him another "life" calling me his angel for without him he would have never survived himself or the world. So in all I'd have to say..
To love the right kind of love,the true kind.
Never ending no sign of ever letting up or loss.
Is what makes you feel younger,the true fountain of youth where age is but a number.

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