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Alcoholic Boyfiend Please Help

by Tina
(Ottawa Canada)

hello i've been with my baby's daddy for 4 years now we have a beautiful baby girl who is now 3 years my boyfriend and i have seriously bad problems he loves to drink every weekend he'll even lie and say he is going to do a aren't and take off drinking he leaves for day i don't here from him then when he cant drink no more he comes home he leaves us on holidays now and he says its my fault that he needs a break and the he dose not have a drinking problem he just needs a break from me i found out today that he is with his ex he lied and told me there was nobody there with him but family he also told me he got so drunk that he cant remember what he did the night before i really love him and when he leave i get anxity sorry for my spelling i'm in such a depression when hes home i'm so worried every time i here the phone ring i think its for him to go drinking again and it usually is my daughter crys to me at night that she wants her daddy and when i say hes gone right now he'll be back tomorrow she cries louder and tells my that i'm a mean bad mommy i need help i need god i pray every night for him to change a realize he is hurting me or for me to find strength to leave him i don't think he here's my prayer some times he never complements me only calls me down he calls me fat a troll and other words i will not say i need help please and thank you i don't want to loose him i want him to find god i want to find god again

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