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by Jeannie Phillips
(Devon, England)

Intrepid steps you must take-
You must not fear you must not quake
Be brave and strong through bad times
And know its part of life's steep climb

As your soul leads you on to pastures new
An inner strength will shine through
So don't give in - hold your chin up high
Don't sit down or give a sigh!

Have faith and trust you'll be guided right
Realise your soul has much insight
It knows the path that you must take
So persevere and just par-take

As you work through your chosen tasks
Life will take off its hidden mask
And understand-life becomes clear
Of whom we are,and why we're here

So take those steps and through your pain
You will find out there's much to gain
Your soul will radiate with light
The happiness within-will shine bright

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