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A Song for the Beloved

by Naomi

Oh, how the stream clears in the silence,

as the flow of my heart is set free.

Love answers my open heart

out of a mystical depth

where only love is heard,

sounding through pure tones

that vibrate in harmony with my soul.

I become like the strings of a harp

quivering from a caressing touch

that sweetens the air

with a rising music of colors

and billowing light

swaying and swirling,

tenderly cradling and answering

my longings, as if Love

has always known my heart.

Waves of feeling rise and fall

in a rhythm that rushes forward

surrounding my senses

with a crescendo of beauty

caught and held in the hovering breath

of a savoring moment,

and then recedes

into the stillness of a sea of light

that appears as the dawn,

creating and spreading our love

across the sky.


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