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A Prayer for Peaceful Hearts

Oh God, I feel the prayers of so many, who share the concerns and fears and hopes for you to ease the burdens they are carrying. Each person expresses the desire to feel your presence and your peace in their lives.

We can't fix the world or make others do what we want them to do or to feel what we wish they would feel, but we can turn to you and ask for peace in our hearts, and I do ask that tonight. Grant us your peace and help us face the day with the help of your love and grace. Circle us with your merciful and comforting arms. We can try and look at things in a new way, but grant us a little rest.

Thank you for a place where we can come together and pray for each other, so we don't feel so alone in the more difficult times.

Thank you for hearing our prayers and for your Presence to each one of us.

We love you, for you are the light and hope of our lives.

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