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a holy moment

by Naomi

a holy moment

sitting out on my deck
in the cool night air
leaning back and gazing at the night sky
the sky is clear
the lantern lights are like little stars
captured in my courtyard....
a glowing remembrance
of a greater light

How does anyone ever write of the beauty
alive within the heart?

we meet it in sacred silence....
and sometimes.....
somewhere in the universe
or beyond
someone knows and feels what is like..
and it explodes into being in the heart
of another....
a thousand candles....a thousand apple blossoms....a thousand stars....
the beauty is ever more precious in the moment of rising
from deep within the soul

a hidden spring seeking the freedom
to flow in another heart
that is the treasure....
there are not enough beautiful images
to express it

when the mystic says...
more radiant than a thousand suns...
the heart is reaching
for the creative power
of the light
exploding within it
everything pales before the pure moment
of beingness
within that love
of being surrendered to it

it is the difference of how religion
has been talking, talking, talking
about what is sacred for centuries,
but Oh, the moment it happens
when even one moment of pure love
is truly felt.....
it is beyond everything......

that is the feather that falls
and transforms a country
or a civilization
the touch that reaches across
time and space....
bridging a great distance
between hearts
that cannot be proven

a moment.....a gift of pure grace
not earned...not deserved....
not stolen or borrowed

a holy moment

of two flames igniting from a single divine spark
setting off a chain of golden fires
igniting a sun
to light the world

it is the one moment.....
for which we are born
balance comes in the leap
that cannot be quantified
or measured....or expressed....
but leaps into the unknown

finds the gentlest point
of all touching
that opens the heart

it is holy....
you either feel it
or you don't...

a holy touch
like the delicate brush of a feather
and suddenly..
eternity is pouring through
that tiny moment
a gateway to a sweet intimacy
only lovers know

some moments are not for everyone
but are for love alone

the moment comes....
arising from deep within
and the creative power
is in the secret
that lives in the seed
the source of all flowering
of all flowing
that only comes to lovers

when you are alone with the alone
the beloved touches you

and everything within you
comes alive

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