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A Following Faith

by Naomi

The night engulfed and

swallowed me into waves of darkness

plunging me into the depths

of an infinite sky

far beyond the light of the stars

and the glow from the moon.

No face, no hand, no arms

no name, no form appeared to save me,

as I was tossed and tumbled,

rolling and turning

and left to fall into an endless night

of another kind.

This night concealed a light

unable to be seen with outer eyes,

unlike the way the earth

reflects the light

kindly revealing the beaming

radiance of life.

When the world goes out

and mercy has vanished from sight,

when we are left without

all life we know,

a divine breath moves in

and begins to flow.

Deep within a flame bursts

forth from the ashes of our life

lighting a hidden way

to our soul

that only we can see

and follow.

Life flickers in the winds

of change dancing and daring

us to come along

and trust the

mystery of the fire consuming

all we leave behind.

We pave our ruts with stone

carving our way through wilderness

killing wildflowers,

building walls

trying to be safe from

the unknown.

Somewhere in the wildness

of what we can never explain or

describe with words

is a spring

of eternal life inviting

us to drink.

Trust your deeper hunger

and unquenchable thirst for what

you cannot name

and follow

the dancing rhythm moving

through your heart.


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