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A Day Like No Other

by Naomi

The morning is new again,

and so are my eyes.

Fresh snow covers everything!

All is hidden beneath

mounds of white.

Well worn paths have vanished.

Trees bow down

in their graceful gowns

of frozen light.

Rain washes the earth,

but snow tucks it in,

like a mother

covering a sleeping child.

I awaken and smile

when I see the grace

of a lacy coverlet

that has appeared in the night.

Excitement stirs inside

to know that love

will forever make things new,

to find a way

to bring surprise

to the eyes of my heart.

The sky will never be splashed

with color

in the same way twice.

The rain will never dance

as it did before.

My eyes will never see

today the way

they did yesterday.

The endearing mystery

of a beloved

is the promise of surprise,

the whisper of intimacy

breathing its sighs,

bringing tears to

my eyes.

There is something that

keeps me young

and alive

in that which is beyond

my reach,

something no one

can ever steal or take away.

It is one kind of revelation

to read or hear a truth

and quite another

to feel the gentle touch

of snowflakes

melting on my lips.

There is something life-giving

and so unbearably new

in the tenderness

of feeling

the arousal of beauty

in my soul.

To be touched by spirit is to feel

the warmth of

light upon the skin

in the dark,

or to feel a wisp of air

moved by tiny wings,

or flowing

strands of angel hair

in a touch so light, it is

scarcely there.

Desire seeking satisfaction

appears and slips away,

marking an ending

to shallow dreams of certainty.

Love that gives out of

flowing joy

comes again and again

and again,

like raindrops that

want to play.

Perhaps unending tears flow

from the same

source as the rain,

for the cleansing nature of

a falling stream

prepares the way for

sweet encounter these lips

cannot explain.

I breathe the frosty air,

whisper a prayer,

for the beloved shines

from my eyes

and lights my way

and beauty

is ours today!


Comments for A Day Like No Other

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Jan 13, 2009
by: Deb

Truly, Naomi...such a gift...I am touched. Blessings to you....

Jan 21, 2012
it is a healer NEW
by: Anonymous

my day is new if only i would feel new everyday that poem is so helpful/

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