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A beloved of infinite stars

by Naomi

A beloved of infinite stars

O Beloved
there are secrets in the dawn
flooding us
with light from your
endearing face

wondrous revelations
indescribable sensations
flashing visions of creations
drawing exclamations
of delight

as we see through dancing
stars of love
hidden in the light
pouring through our eyes
flooding our sight
making way for a streaming
showering us
in screaming joy
without a sound

there are precious moments
when dawn comes
in the night
and darkness
is a landscape for light
to write upon the womb
in which we dwell
and stir
and move
and have our being

we are particles in the spirit
of a beloved
giving us birth and a chance
to become real
to feel
what no one has ever felt

in a heart
formed from the One
who flows and overflows
with brimming love
that can never ever be contained
by anything or anyone
from now to forever
in a silvery sequence
of moments

we are each one of us
a star
shining toward life
each a lover
bringing presence
to be near
the sweetness of the breath
of innocence issuing forth
from a longing heart

bursting forth in beauty
suspended by delicate strands
of divine caresses
floating free
like waves
of the silken sound
of laughter
from our hearts

we are expressions of creation
ideation of brilliance
descending and ascending
far beyond the mind
of anything we might assume
for even a foolish moment
that is wisdom we could ever
call our own

for creation is born from a womb
that contains us all
a womb that only love can enter
to find the freedom
that only love can give

star seeds of light
are drawn
into an embrace
of bewildering
and life-giving joy
loosening all that binds us
to smallness and illusion
setting us free to soar
and fly beyond our notion of wings
into the tender and gentle
sweetness and nearness
of infinite love lifting us
to lips that anoint
us with the flowing light
of stars

Our only trace is light flung
into the sky from ecstasy
of the beloved
that leaves a testament of splendor
that no one can reach
scattering star seeds everywhere
to create again and again
and again and again
slipping from the smiling lips
that laugh and love
us into life

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