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Daily Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance, Issue #026 -- Deeply Trusting God
July 18, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Deeply Trusting God

The experience of Faith is a process. Few people are born with complete faith and trust in God. The very nature of being in a human body implies a period, however temporary, of the experience of separation from God. It is the human journey to make this bridge between the spiritual and the material.

How can you increase your faith in God? It is by deeply trusting the spark of God's divine life and Light that is in you. This part of you is eternal and eternally connected to God's reality and God's source. This part of you cannot be extinguished or destroyed. No matter what the opposition or darkness that is faced, this part of you may be temporarily covered but can never taken from you.

To find and connect with your eternal Home, look to your Heart. Pray to deepen your connection and your experience with this holy divine presence that is within you and within all of life. This part of you is sacred, it is your true essence, it is your divine heritage and birthright. Your faith in God lives here and lives within the divine eternal flames of God's Heart.

May all beings be blessed. May all beings experience the divine holy flame of God within themselves. Amen.

Being Open To The New

Today's guidance from the tarot is the Page of Discs, which is a symbol of being a beginner in a new phase of your material life. The Page is a young adolescent, just starting out on his or her journey in life. His gift is innocence, and the willingness to be open to new possibilities within the material aspects of life ... work, finances, our home, the physical body, and physical expressions of creativity such as art.

This card suggests that we be open to all new possibilities within our daily lives. We are asked to be humble, to suspend our preconceived notions of what is possible, and to expand our thinking into uncharted areas. This precious time of newness allows new directions to emerge in our lives, and eventually will lead us towards a new manifestation of our divine work in the world.

Received with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

Copyright 2005

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