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Daily Blessings Issue #043-- Your Souls Purpose
August 08, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Your Souls Purpose

All souls that are incarnated on the Earth have arrived for a divine purpose. There is the individual purpose for that soul of what is needed for learning and growth, and there is also the larger picture of God's purpose for humanity during this particular time, that the soul participates in collectively.

Some souls are born with a clear sense of purpose early on, that compels them to focus on their arena of service at an early age. Other souls are not specifically aware of their purpose, or even that they are a soul and have purpose, however their lives manifest this naturally through the events in their lives. Still other souls do not experience an understanding of their life's purpose, but they long for this. They long to know with deeper certainty the agreements they made, and the purpose which they have come to the Earth to fulfill.

Whether a soul knows their purpose consciously or not, life is always leading that soul towards the fulfillment of their divine blueprint. If you long to know more of your soul's unique divine purpose, you have only to ask to have this revealed to you. The answers will come in ways you do not expect. The answers themselves may surprise you. The key is to listen, listen even to guidance that you may initially reject as too foreign to your understanding.

Pay attention to the themes that manifest in your life. Notice the longing in your heart, and what your inner being longs to give to others and to the world. These are the keys to discovering more deeply your soul's unique divine purpose, and the unique and divine gift that only you can give to the world. You have come here to give that which is uniquely special, and uniquely yours. You have within you a special gift that no one else can offer to the world. Ask to know this, and to receive the capacity to share that which is uniquely yours to give.

May all beings be blessed with the knowledge of the miracle of their unique divine blueprint.

Received and shared with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell

Copyright 2005

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