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Daily Blessings Issue #133 -- What Is Truth?
January 12, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

What Is Truth?

What is truth? In today's world honesty, transparency, humility and openness are not highly valued, and so what becomes of those leading a spiritual life whose heart calls them forth to open fully to God's reality?

As the heart opens, as love grows, so does the desire and the need for truth grow. Love is a part of truth, and truth is a part of love in God's reality. In spiritual life it becomes a priority for truth to be lived fully, expressed fully and shared fully.

God's truth, God's love and God's Light shine equally on all souls, and it is the capacity of the individual soul to feel and respond to God's call that creates spiritual awakening within a person. With all spiritual awakening, there is a deep desire activated within the heart of that soul to share, to serve and to love.

Love can be shared in many ways, and one of the important ways that love can manifest is in the courageous willingess of a soul to tell the truth, even in the face of opposition or resistance.

This holy process of sharing truth can become thwarted if the individual who is called to share falls out of connection with the heart and with the vibration of divine love.

If truth is shared with anger, with frustration, with the consciousness of separation, then the pure light of truth cannot be seen, heard or felt. Instead what is heard is the negativity, which then breeds further pain. Love is the divine liberator, and the original impulse to share truth comes from love.

It is love that must be at the heart of all sharing of truth, in order for the truth to be fully heard and fully received.

In the times ahead there will be much need for courageous sharing of truth, in order to re-align social structures with the principles of God's love.

Truth begins within one's own heart, and when shared with humility, love, and the desire to serve God, can be a liberating force that brings freedom from oppression, tyranny, fear and darkness.

Truth lives within your heart, within your consciousness and within your soul. We bless your work and your efforts to bring peace and love to a suffering world. Your truth, aligned with love, is your key to freedom. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Recommended Reading - "Love and Truth" by Julie Redstone, available at Light Omega. Contact Us for more information.

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