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Daily Blessings Issue #146 -- Walking With God
February 08, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Walking With God

The pleasure of giving one's life fully to God is in the letting go process, which frees the soul from the burden of needing to operate alone in the world, separated from all others. When the soul releases its need to be separate from God, a process of healing is activated that reconnects the human embodied self with its spiritual origins.

The process of healing is unique to each individual, and the timing of when that soul can full be restored to its original essence is part of the mystery of God's timing for the Earth and for all of humanity ... for all souls are interconnected, and the web of life is One even as the individual souls are also One.

God's plan for the Earth allows each soul the freedom to choose how and when to return Home, and in this great mystery, the fulfillment of God's covenant to humankind is manifested. The ability for souls to consciously choose to return Home to God is one of God's greatest expressions of love for all of humanity.

At this time, the homecoming process has begun for many souls, who’s great desire to walk with God has opened the doorways for healing and purity to manifest within their lives. All has been made ready so that the divine portals of God's Light can begin to open and infuse the hearts, minds and bodies of those who are seeking God's love.

This beautiful and profound process of ascension into a new level of being will begin for some and eventually infuse the entire energy body of the Earth, which will create a global awakening for all of humanity. Those who have been gifted first with this blessing will share it freely so that all those who wish can receive the divine, holy grace of God manifesting within space and time. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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