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Daily Blessings Issue #115-- Turning Point
November 23, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Turning Point

In every situation both individually and collectively, there are stages of development and experience. There is a flow that is akin to the motion of waves in the ocean ... energy begins, builds, crests and then subsides. The energy that creates individual and collective experience is the same.

We are speaking today of the collective energy and vibration of humanity upon the Earth at this time. This collective consciousness has reached a turning point this year (2005) that represents the cresting of the wave of separated consciousness.

It has been important for humanity to develop the understanding and experience of individuality, and now that this consciousness has developed fully, a new awareness can begin to be born that retains this precious awareness of individuality, and at the same time carries a full consciousness and responsibility towards the whole of humanity and the whole of life.

The increase in natural disasters upon the Earth has required that each person on the Earth reflect on what is important in life, what priorities are primary, and more importantly, what purpose am I serving here at this time ... how can I be helpful?

2005 is an important turning point for humanity, one that will bear fruit in the times ahead. Though external change is slow to manifest, the new consciousness that is being born now will begin to shift the balance of consciousness so that God's love will become of greater importance, and more of a priority to all beings.

We congratulate all those who have moved through important transitions and transformations during this time. Your inner work is an important contribution to the collective consciousness of humanity. We give thanks for your work, your faithfulness and your courage.

May all beings be blessed.
May all beings be at peace.
May all beings know and feel the comfort of God's love. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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