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Daily Blessings Issue #109 -- The Turning of the Tide
November 14, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Turning of the Tide

Though it is not yet apparent to human eyes, the tide of rising darkness and negative energy manifesting in the world is beginning to shift. This will not be visible in the physically manifest world for a while; however it is important to know of this vibrational change so that you do not become discouraged with what you see that appears to have not yet changed.

If you look within yourself, and search your own heart, you will find a new light there, a strong presence of God's love, Light, truth and grace. There is also a new presence of God's love and Light anchoring in the Earth's energy body, raising the vibrational frequency of all physical matter. This inner shift is an important one, and is going to gradually create change and transformation in the outer world that will be visible for all to see.

Some changes will not initially appear positive, and it is important to note that in order for something new to be born, often there must first be space created through letting go of the old. There will be many old structures that will be released in the days ahead, and during this difficult process it will be important to anchor yourself in your faith, and in your connection to God's love.

The meaning that each soul finds within this process will be unique; however there is a larger meaning that is universal and relevant to all beings on the Earth. This larger meaning is that of redemption, of the Light of God becoming manifest to all of creation, and healing and liberating all souls. ( See Ancient Prophecies and Becoming a Holy People )

God's redemption is for all beings, for all souls, and for all those who wish to feel and know God's reality. This is the time we are in now, the time of completion, and those who have worked long and hard for this will now begin to experience some of the fruits of their long labor. Those who are newly awakening will have the blessing of God's Light and love to guide them surely and clearly to their destination.

May all beings be blessed with God's love, peace, grace and comfort. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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