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Daily Blessings Issue #095 -- Trusting Each Moment
October 24, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Trusting Each Moment

There is a natural flow and rhythm to life that if trusted, will bring you into greater wholeness, grace, peace and love. This flow is created by the willingness to completely surrender to the will of God in one's life. There are different words that can be used for this experience, for we are not separate from God but are One with Him.

The will of God is none other than the full oneness, grace, love and divine intelligence that created you, joyfully, completely and unobstructedly expressing itself in you and through you. The fear that arises at times comes from the embodied self which has forgotten that Oneness.

At each moment there is the choice available to trust God with what is happening. This is not always easy, especially at this time when so much is happening that is difficult. Trust is not always possible to experience during times of challenge, but the willingness and desire to trust is always possible.

There is a deep learning happening now, where humanity is being torn away from its usual supports. This time of crisis presents a great opportunity for humanity to learn to come together in a new way, working together as One from the heart, for the good of all.

One day this will be the manifest reality on Earth, for the moment it is a hope and a dream, held within the heart of God and the hearts of many souls both embodies and no longer in physical form. This dream is now beginning to manifest. Like all births, there is a period of labor. The labor has begun now, and it will require the help of many midwives to bring God's vision into being.

The time is now, as all souls are being called to reach into a new level of themselves, to find the true essence of their love and light and leadership. Humanity needs spiritually guided leaders who can bring forward this next step of God's plan.

This opportunity is now present in each moment, to move forward into a new reality ... a reality that is about love, light, and the embodied understanding that all beings are One. When humanity fully understands this reality, on a cellular level, the Earth and all beings will be transformed.

We bless your efforts, your work, and your support. We are not capable of manifesting this transformation without the dedicated help of so many physically embodied Lightworkers. We give thanks and extend our gratitude to all those faithful souls who wish to serve God and to bring more love into the world.

May all beings be blessed with abundant love. May all beings receive spiritual, emotional and physical support during these times.

With all blessings, Amen.
Copyright 2005

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