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Daily Blessings Issue #091 -- Trust In Each Moment
October 17, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Trust In Each Moment

Trusting God at each moment may sound like a tall order during difficult times, but in reality this is a simple and blessed process that has to do with choice.

At each moment you have the choice to trust God with what is happening in your life. To trust God in each moment requires only this choice, and the willingness to remember this as you go through the moments of your daily life.

Each soul is deeply beloved by God, and this great love is available to all beings on the Earth at this time. Ask to receive this love, to know it, to experience it, and to be strengthened by it.

Ask to be firmed within God's love, so that nothing can take you away from this inner knowing. Ask and pray for this and it will be given to you.

God's love can be felt by all those who wish to receive it. Make time and space within your life to feel this love.

Even if it is a 10 minute break in the middle of a busy day, when you go outdoors to breathe the fresh air, this is enough to create an opening through which you can perceive the marvelous glory of God's goodness that is present at each moment.

There are times when it may be difficult to feel God's love on your own. For example during times of great challenge, trauma, grief or crisis, it is helpful to surround yourself with support.

This support may be in the form of your spiritual community, a trusted minister, healer or rabbi, or loving family that can support your relationship with God.

If that support is lacking in your life, now is the time to pray for this. Ask that the spiritual support that you need in your life may manifest. Ask to be guided, and the right people and situations will appear.

We send love and respect and gratitude for your spiritual works on the Earth. Know that each thought of love, each prayer you send to God, each kind act that you express in the world has a positive effect which ripples outward and acts as a counter force to the negative energies that are present in the world.

Your presence and your consciousness make a difference, even if you do not perceive the effect. Know this, and know that your choice to trust God at each moment has a powerful effect on the Earth and on all beings on the Earth.

Thank you for your presence with us in this work. With love and blessings, Amen.
Copyright 2005

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