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Daily Blessings Issue #168 -- Trusting God's Love to Heal
March 14, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Trusting God's Love to Heal

In the event of a major change, challenge or unexpected transition, most human beings confront within themselves mixed emotions including fear, anger or grief, even if the change is one that is hoped for. In many cases especially now, as the pace of God's life and purification has accelerated, the winds of change are calling all souls.

Some are being called to create significant changes in their lives, as the call of the heart intensifies and makes it no longer possible to live separated from that which is most precious. Others are called out of necessity to respond to the events around them, events they did not create but which touch their lives in significant ways. Those already firmly upon the path of spirit are now finding themselves raised up a level, to new responsibilities and new work.

The need to respond to greater levels of challenge will present itself to those who are ready for this, so that new pathways of God's Light can begin to be forged within the individual human heart, within families, communities and societies, within nations and within the life of planet Earth.

These new pathways of Light are available now for all who wish to tap into a greater level of One-ness with God's love, with God's mercy, and with God's compassion. The greater Light now makes available a deeper level of healing for all those who seek wholeness, balance and a re-connection with lost parts of the self.

God's love as a force on the Earth grows stronger daily, and if you are not yet aware of this holy, divine presence of love, ask and pray that this be revealed to you. Pray within the depths of your heart, with the full longing of your beautiful spirit that is already free and already at One with the Creator. Open the doorways of your heart to share fully and freely the fervent prayer within your being.

God's love is able to heal any hurt and to mend even the most broken of spirits. Even the most wounded soul that has lost all hope and faith is loved and seen by God, and is known in their suffering. Give to God in total trust your prayer for healing, no matter how impossible or hopeless it may seem. Trust in God to restore you. Trust in God's love to heal you.

Together with God, with all souls in the human family, with the Earth and with the realms of spirit, your journey Home to God's heart is assured and blessed. All of creation celebrates this new opportunity that is now. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2006

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