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Daily Blessings Issue #069 -- Trusting God Completely
September 08, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Trusting God Completely

Our physical bodies were created by God in His image, and yet they also hold the experience of fear. The body vibrates at the level of consciousness that the soul experiences, which for most people at this time is the consciousness of separation from God, the perception of God as separate from ones self or non-existent.

This state of perception will change but for the moment while you are experiencing separated consciousness, you may be feeling increased fear as the news of war, terrorism, and natural disasters accelerates daily. Here are some ways that you can help anchor into your body a greater experience of God's reality.

The exercises will also open pathways within your energy body and consciousness so that when more of God's Light becomes available, you will be able to more deeply and fully receive it.

First, sit quietly in front of your alter. Light a candle, and affirm:

God's Light is present with me now.

Sit quietly, gently; noticing your breath and giving yourself the suggestion that all the cells of your body will be able to receive God's Light. Imagine now with each breath that your body is receiving more of God's Light.

As you exhale, your body releases any tension, fear or negative thoughts. As you breathe in, your body begins to feel lighter, brighter, and your energy field begins to glow with a soft, warm glow, like the candle.

Breathing in, receiving more of God's Light, breathing out, releasing tension, fear and negativity.

Once you have received as much Light as your body can comfortably receive, place your hand over your heart and affirm:

God's love lives within me
God's Light lives within me
God's faith lives within me

God's love lives within me
God's Light lives within me
God's faith lives within me

Repeat this affirmation, allowing the cells of your body to joyfully absorb this Light, and the truth of this.

Now, if there is a challenge you are dealing with in your life, visualize God's Light and love completely surrounding this challenge, so it is enveloped completely in brilliant divine love.

Hold this image in your thoughts, your body and your consciousness. See the Light dissolving the difficulty so that the challenge begins to soften and radiate with God's Light and love.

Now, give thanks to God for all that you have received, and give yourself the suggestion that the Light that you have received will continue to radiate within your body, bringing healing, peace and greater faith.

Imagine the Light surrounding you with a protective and warm glow that will continue to bring healing throughout your day.

Now, sit quietly for a few minutes in silence before ending the meditation. After this meditation, it is good for the body to drink water and to take a moment if possible to walk barefoot on the earth.

After this meditation is an excellent time to read spiritual scripture or other spiritual information.

We bless your work and your healing process. May all beings know and feel God's holy divine peace. May all beings know and feel God's holy love. Amen
Copyright 2005

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