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Daily Blessings Issue #130 -- Trust in the Process
January 06, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Trust in the Process

At the beginning of the spiritual path, much encouragement is given to a soul to assist in the entrance into the new life. The heart is opened to experience God's love, and clarity is given as the veil of illusion temporarily parts, offering a glimpse into the majesty and magnificence of God's reality.

At later stages within spiritual life, there are times of barrenness and emptiness when the soul is not able to experience the spiritual reality and love that is so longed for. The soul cries out to God, and yet cannot hear, see or feel the response. Quite often the soul feels abandoned by God, and feels great despair.

It is at this point that an important choice is made by the soul, one that determines its future steps in spiritual life. There is the choice to become angry at God and to turn away from the spiritual path, and there is the choice to remain faithful to God even though one cannot see the way through or the path home.

This point of choice tests ones faith, love and commitment, and also tests the endurance of the soul, as the experience of emptiness can for some souls last for many years.

There is a divine purpose to this time of emptiness, one that is discovered anew by each soul who passes through the fires of purification and the long stretches of time spent in the dark night. The purpose cannot be known before it is realized, in order that the soul come to an inner understanding and cellular, body level experience of that which is true and enduring, and beyond space and time.

At this time many souls on the Earth who are here to be of service to the awakening of humanity, are passing through the final stages of this dark night that descended for the purpose of both individual and collective awakening. Some souls voluntarily have taken upon themselves the task of passing through these veils of separation not only for their own awakening, but for the awakening of all of humanity.

We say to you at this time, that the final stages are the most difficult steps to take, and yet are also the most rewarding. Each movement forward is a victory for God and for the forces of Light that are present on the Earth, working to support this awakening process for all beings. There is much help available to assist those who ask sincerely, with love and humility in their hearts.

Much more will become possible soon for all those working to bring God's love to the world. The steady small steps, taken in the face of great adversity, are more valuable that you may presently realize. A foundation has been created, and is now being anchored within the energy bodies of the Earth that will soon give birth to a new reality, a new consciousness and a new awakening of the collective heart of humanity.

For this purpose, we are here and will continue to support this process which is now being actively engaged in by millions of souls worldwide. This is a great and blessed time that will come to fruition and bring many blessings to all beings, and to the Earth who has waited long for this transition which is now beginning.

With all love and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2006

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