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Daily Blessings Issue #110 -- Trust In the Face of Difficulty
November 16, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Trust In the Face of Difficulty

Within a difficult situation, there is always a way through it, and that way through always involves the process of trusting God. There are different levels at which this trust can take place; there is trust within the mind, trust within the body, and trust within the spirit.

These levels do not always exist together in harmony, for your soul may enter a situation with complete faith, and yet your body, mind and emotions may experience fear, doubt and the absence of trust. In another situation, your mind may experience faith and trust in God, but your emotions may not. Instead your body experiences all manner of fear, doubt and distress.

To trust God in all situations requires the willingness to enter into in a process of opening your heart, mind, body and consciousness to God's love and Light. This process is also known as the process of purification. This does not happen overnight, and so patience as well as trust in God are needed to move forward steadily even in the midst of obstacles and challenges.

At this time, know that God's love and Light are shining in you and around you, even if you are not yet able to experience this. Trust in the direction that your heart is leading you. God speaks to souls through the heart, through inspiration, through intuition and through all manner of ways.

The way to discern true spiritual guidance is through the presence of God's love, which shines clearly and radiates to the heart and can be felt as a feeling of warmth, comfort and love. This is true guidance which can be trusted, and which is sent from God's holy purity and truth.

May all beings be abundantly blessed with God's love, shining brightly and fully in all aspects of life. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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