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Daily Blessings Issue #087 -- Trust In God
October 10, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Trust In God

Trust in God is one of the fundamental principles of a spiritual life. The experience of trust in God is not something that occurs in the mind, it is primarily a body level experience that happens in the heart.

It is God's grace that opens the doorway for souls to have a deeper experience of God's reality. It is God's love and goodness that invites the soul into a deeper and closer relationship with God, when that soul is ready.

During difficult times, trust in God can bring peace and strength. Sometimes it is the difficulties themselves that bring the soul into greater relationship with faith. Sometimes trust in God is developed over time so that when adversity comes, the soul is ready to respond with love and faith.

Trust in God allows the soul to commit to a deeper and fuller experience of surrender. Trust in God can bring the soul joy even in the midst of sorrow and difficulty.

You can develop a greater trust in God at each moment, by bringing all difficulties, all fears, all sorrows and all challenges before Him. With humility and with love, ask and pray for help. Create a space within your life to receive that help, through a daily prayer or meditation time.

Trust in God in all areas of your life, with every aspect of your existence, and you will be guided forward safely in your path. Do not abandon your faith during times of difficulty; instead ask that your faith be strengthened.

God wishes for all beings to feel connected with Him through His love and goodness. Join your wishes with God's wishes. This alignment of your will with Divine will, will open doorways for you that previously have appeared shut.

May you feel and know God's holy love within your heart. May you receive and know God's comfort and peace. May all beings be blessed. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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