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Daily Blessings Issue #142 -- Trust and Truth
January 28, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Trust and Truth

God's reality is present and always available, in large and small ways to support, encourage, uplift and transform any situation. The vast and unknowable divine intelligence which creates, manifests and supports physically embodied existence is woven into every atom and every cell of all matter, both living and apparently inanimate matter.

The truth of God's reality is only partially available to most consciousness at this time, however this truth will become more manifest and more a part of conscious awareness in the times ahead. There are many souls presently incarnated on the earth who have chosen to assist in this process of awakening, both for their own soul's learning and healing, and also out of their great love in their Hearts for God.

These brave souls are on the forefront of the awakening process, and the qualities of faith and trust in God that they have been learning and embodying have created a physical and vibrational foundation for all of humanity. The learning process of trusting God at all times, even when it is not possible to feel God's presence, will one day open the doorway for all souls to directly experience God's reality.

Now is the time for all souls whose hearts long for God's love to embrace this learning process, that involves the willing surrender to trusting God in every moment. Know that what you learn is not only for yourself and your own healing, but for those in the future whose foundation you are creating now.

With all love and blessings, and gratitude for your spiritual works in the world. Amen.

Copyright 2006

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