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Daily Blessings Issue #104 -- The Triumph of Love
November 08, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Triumph of Love

God's love is a balm, which soothes all hurts and heals all wounds. God's love is mercy, tenderness, peace and joy. In all of God's forms and manifestations, He created the capacity to know and feel His holy love.

All creatures, animal and human, contain within themselves the ability to feel and know God's love. The human heart was created uniquely and specifically in His image to be able to give and receive love, both in the practical, day to day manifestations and also on the spiritual levels through prayer and meditation.

God's love is available to all beings freely and without limitation. To receive God's love, open your heart fully to all emotions and all states of inner being. Some fear that this will cause unbearable suffering, to let go of the usual defenses that keep the heart small.

This fear is not the reality, for an opening heart undergoes a process of healing. This healing opens the soul to previously denied feelings, but once these feelings are seen, felt, accepted and moved through, a new level of love becomes possible.

This new level of love is infinitely greater than whatever fear was previously keeping the heart closed. Now is the time for all of God's children to awaken the heart and to see and feel a new reality, a reality that is waiting on the horizon to be embraced.

You are offered this gift freely, and have the choice to accept and receive this blessing now. God's love flows freely and embraces all who wish to receive it, accept it and share it with others. This joyful circle of life is what God created for all beings to know and feel. It is here now for all those who wish to receive it. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Copyright 2005

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