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Daily Blessings Issue #169 -- Traveling Through Time
March 16, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Traveling Through Time

The planet Earth is a multidimensional being of Light, whose holy purpose in creation has allowed the development of many new facets of God's consciousness within physical matter. All those who receive this message, we ask you now to send your heartfelt love and appreciation to the Mother Earth who has so tirelessly nourished and supported all life upon her for eons.

The energy patterns within her physical end energy bodies are changing, transforming, and moving to a higher frequency of organization. This event is akin to what would happen if you were to change the pattern of a knitted sweater without unraveling and dismantling the entire sweater.

If you can imagine that God's holy love is infusing each strand of the sweater so that it can find its new pattern, and so it can find new relationships with all the other patterns in the sweater, while remaining intact enough in the to continue to faithfully serve it's original purpose.

This kind of miraculous and transformation is only partially linear, observable by physically embodied consciousness. It is also a multi-dimensional and trans-dimensional process that affects all of life. In a way, the Earth is now traveling through time differently, now manifesting more of her true multidimensional nature.

This profound and fundamental change, happening upon the Earth is a gift to all those embodied upon her at this time. The new presence of God's Light, manifesting now within physical matter, is allowing the opening of many portals of divine energy that were previously dormant. These cosmic doorways exist for the purpose of receiving the holy Light of God and focusing it to specific places upon the Earth's physical body, in accordance with her divine plan.

Additionally, there were energetic pathways on the Earth that previously were used as portals for the manifestation of energies of darkness from other realms into the physical. These pathways were not originally created for this purpose, but became so because there was not sufficient Light present on the Earth to counter the influx that occurred as the momentum of separated consciousness reached it's full expression.

These energetic pathways are now being closed and sealed, so that in the future it will not be possible for energies of darkness to gain the kind of foothold in physically manifest reality that they have enjoyed for so long. This is a great blessing for all of humanity, and so we ask at this time that you send your love, gratitude and prayers to the Mother Earth who is now being released from this burden she has been carrying. Your prayers, your songs, your heartfelt gratitude will also support her in purifying the remaining energies of darkness that she carries.

For some on the Earth it is close to the time of spring, when new life can be planted. For those actively involved with gardening or planting, whether on the physical or energetic levels, it is helpful to the Earth to place each seed into the ground with love, prayer, and reverence. Include in your prayer a wish that this new life, contained within the seed will grow abundantly to nourish and support all beings during this new phase of God's life on Earth. With all love and blessings, Amen

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