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Daily Blessings Issue #170 -- A Transition is at Hand
March 20, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

A Transition is at Hand

God's holy light is now pouring freely into all dimensions of the physically manifest Earth, and is equally present in full measure, streaming through the hearts, minds and bodies of an awakening humanity. Even the animals, the rocks, the trees, the oceans and the sky are now receiving the full blessings of God's holy divine presence, which is manifesting in a new way into three-dimensional reality. The doors of separation, which previously had not allowed for this intimate joining, have now been opened.

What this means for you, and for all those who seek to know God's love more deeply in their hearts, is that the long awaited dreams of your soul, the longings you have carried since before your birth in this life, will now be able to be fully realized.

It is important to understand that we are speaking here not of the desires of the personality and the smaller self that most people associate with "I". We are speaking of your larger self, which is your soul that lives eternally.

Your larger self knows fully and with complete certainty the purpose of your life and the destiny of your mission in this life. Your larger self carries the spark of unique, divine and holy essence of who you are and what you are meant to bring into the world. Your larger self has a gift to offer to the world, a gift that will bless the world and that also will bring you to a deep fulfillment within yourself.

For some, the longing within is covered by many layers so that it is difficult to perceive the soul that you are. For others, there is an awareness that you are a soul, but you have carried a feeling of emptiness, unfulfilled longer, a hunger that is never fully satisfied. This hunger has called you, and you have sought to fill it through many avenues, but it was not yet possible to find the source of the hunger and to fully satisfy it.

Now, as greater levels of God's holy light are streaming forth into the atmosphere and physical body of the Earth, the pathway has been made ready for a transition to occur. This transition has already begun, and will allow all souls who wish it, to come into full alignment with their heart's desire, their soul's longing, and with their divine potential and mission on the earth.

At this moment, take time to celebrate the emergence of your heart's desire, which is the longing of your soul. These seeds of the new, planted in the fertile soil of the ready Earth, are now watered abundantly with the full flow of God's light and God's life. Nurture and care for these precious seeds which will sprout above the ground in God's time, and will manifest the full measure of God's blessing into your life. True transformation is now at hand, and the time of transition into this new reality is now. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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