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Blessings of the Light Guided Meditation -- The Transformative Power of Breath
October 09, 2006
Dearest Beloved Children of God,

The Transformative Power of Breath

Today there is greater light available within the energy body of the Earth, which will help you with the challenges you face in your daily life. As God's light continues to increase upon the Earth, all human bodies are being affected by this process of change. Your sacred body was designed miraculously by God to transform with the Earth. One if the ways you can receive more of God's light, strength and nourishment is through the opening of your breath.

We are not speaking of traditional deep breathing, or even yogic breathing exercises. These are also excellent supports, but there is a new kind of breathing that is possible now, that connects your physical body to the higher dimensions of light. To experience this process of Breathing In Light it is necessary to begin in a sacred space such as sitting at your altar. Later on it will be possible to experience Breathing In Light anywhere, but at the beginning it will be easier to feel light when you are in a physical location that carries a higher vibration.

To begin, sit in a comfortable position, preferably with your legs folded as in traditional meditation postures. If this is not possible, try sitting on a seiza bench which allows your spine to be straight with your legs folded underneath you. Let your mind become quiet and still. If the mind is still active, place your hand over your heart and breathe into your heart center, allowing the focus of your attention to drop down into your heart. Peace, stillness, light, peace, stillness light, you may want to repeat these words as you relax, to help bring you into a meditative consciousness.

Once your body and mind have relaxed, gently turn your attention to the top of your head. Imagine that this center of energy is a divine portal which connects you to universal spirit. See the top of your head glowing and radiant, filled with God's light. Feel the light shining like the sun, and then gently allow this center of energy to open a little more. Imagine that with each breath, the center of energy opens a little more, and your body is able to receive the great stream of light that is shining down from the heavens.

The light you receive streams down from the heavens and fills all the cells of your body, nourishing and supporting them. Your body fills with the radiant life force that is God's light and God's life. The top of your head glows and receives more of God's light, naturally and gratefully.

There will come a point in this meditation when your body begins to feel a natural stopping place. That is a signal that you have received as much light as your body can comfortably process and integrate into your physical form. It is important to completely respect the divine wisdom of your body in this matter.

When your body begins naturally to feel ready to stop, then begin to image the energy center at the top of your head gently relaxing, returning to its natural state. It is helpful at this time also to imagine a divine seal, such as the image of a six pointed star, placed on the energy center once the work has been completed. For some people it will be helpful for you to place your hands on the top of your head as a further sealing process.

Now continue to be aware of your breath, which now is circulating the divine light throughout your body. With each breath in, the light is able to be more fully and deeply absorbed into your physical body. With each breath out, your body releases all that is no longer needed in your body, to make room for greater light.

Continue to breathe in this way, circulating the light throughout your body until you feel another natural stopping point. You will begin to feel tired, or restless, and this is a sign that it is time to complete the meditation.

When this point arrives, offer up a prayer of gratitude, giving thanks to God for the love and light that has been given. Next, offer a prayer for those in your life, or in your world, who are in need of healing, asking that the light you received be shared. Finally, say some closing prayers that you resonate with, whether they are prayers from your spiritual traditions, or prayers from your own heart.

After your time of meditation, spend some quiet time and go outside to step upon the Earth and share the light you have received with her. The transformative power of breath is now open within your physical and energy bodies. Practice this meditation at your altar for as many times as you feel guided to, until you can feel the energy pathways of light open during your daily life.

When this happens, your physical body will be able to receive God's light through your breath at any time, no matter where you are. This will be a great support to you and to those around you during these current times and the times ahead. We bless your spiritual works and your faithfulness, love and light. With all love and blessings, Amen

Copyright 2006

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