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Daily Blessings Issue #112 -- Transformation of the Body
November 18, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Transformation of the Body

The human body is one of God's most marvelous creations. What is seen with the eyes is only one small aspect of the truth and beauty of this multidimensional vortex of cosmic energy that has coalesced around the soul essence of each human being on Earth.

Symptoms, challenges and vulnerabilities in the physical body are in fact blockages within the energy body, which then manifest physically. Any healing process of the physical body has at its root the healing of the energy bodies and the divine matrix of cosmic light that composes the energy bodies.

For God to be present most fully within your life, the physical body must become attuned to the divine light that is at the essence of creation, and the essence of the human energy body. In this way the human body becomes a true instrument of divine will, flowing unimpeded with the cosmic energies that are a part of all of creation.

One way this can happen is through a regular practice of meditation and prayer. The silence and stillness, and the desire to connect with God, create within the physical and energy bodies more space to receive God's Light.

Even if the experience of meditation is challenging, due to excessive mental activity or physical discomfort, the result is still the same, where more Light is able to enter the energy bodies and therefore the physical body.

Another way that the body can become more attuned to God's Light is through the practice of spiritual and physical purification. The intention to cleanse the body, mind and spirit of old energies, habits, thoughts and emotions that do not serve God's highest purpose, will open the doorways for more connection with God's Light.

As the process of purification begins, it is helpful to become aware of the food that one eats. Since all physical matter is energy, a more pure diet creates the opportunity for greater amounts of God's Light to enter the cellular structure of the physical body. ( See The Sacred Consciousness of Food )

In the past, the human body was seen to be a hindrance to spiritual life. Now, during this time of global transformation, the physical body is capable and ready to receive the higher dimension of God's Light.

This shift that is happening now will make it possible for all of humanity to experience and feel God's reality, and to hold a unified consciousness of One-ness with God. This is a joyous time of homecoming for humanity.

The realms of Spirit celebrate this time, for even though the challenges of this time are great, the rewards will be greater, and will be enduring changes that will leave a legacy for future generations to live on peace and harmony on a New Earth.

May you receive God's Light in your heart and be blessed. May all beings be blessed. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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