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Daily Blessings Issue #049 -- The Transformation of Fear
August 16, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Transformation of Fear

For a very long time, humanity has been motivated to action from the energy of fear. This is partly connected with some aspects of human biology in earlier stages of development, and partly connected with the need to develop a consciousness of individuality and separateness.

Now times are changing. As more of God's love and Light enters into the atmosphere and energy body of the Earth, so human physiology and consciousness is transforming to receive more of God's love and Light which is the vibration of oneness and connectedness with God.

This transition is creating a global transformation of consciousness. This transformation is happening in stages, and currently we are experiencing the process of the separating out of darkness and Light. That is why there is such turmoil and conflict present on the Earth, and within individuals.

The process of purification frees the soul from the consciousness of separation, and creates the ability to move into a higher vibration of love.

This process is happening now and all beings are affected by this transition. Eventually there will be a new consciousness embodied by humanity -- one of connection and love. The energy of fear and terror will not hold the power that they have at the present time.

To walk with peace and purity on the Earth is to carry one single motivation within the heart -- the desire to love. This is the ultimate expression of oneness with God's sacred heart, and this will be the new legacy of the New Earth that is being born at this time.

You can assist this process in your own daily life and consciousness in two simple ways. One is to become aware of what energies motivate your thoughts, choices and actions. Simple awareness is sufficient, holding yourself with great tenderness, compassion and love and free from judgments. Simply become aware of what is motivating you.

The second is to hold the intention and prayer to love more, to act from the impulse of love more, and to share your love with others more. This simple prayer will activate the Light and love present in your own soul, and will cause an acceleration of your own transformational process.

The greater love and Light that you embody will radiate outwards to other, greatly adding to the love and Light that is available on the Earth. This simple shift of your own consciousness ultimately transform the world and bless the world.

May all beings be loved. May all beings be blessed. May all beings be freed from suffering. May all beings know and feel God's love in their hearts. Amen.

Received with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell Copyright 2005

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