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Daily Blessings Issue #067 -- The Transformation of Consciousness
September 06, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Transformation of Consciousness

What will bring true and lasting change to the problems facing those on the Earth is the transformation of consciousness. What has manifested up to this time is the result of the peaking of the development of separated, individuated consciousness.

Now there is a change happening, one that has already begun to manifest vibrationally and is now beginning to manifest physically. The internet is one such expression of the growing global consciousness, which allows for more rapid communication for all individual beings who comprise the One.

The transformation of consciousness is something that every being on the planet is now participating in consciously or unconsciously. This process can be aided by those wishing to be of greater service to God, and by those who feel in their hearts a longing that so much more is possible for their lives.

The transformation of consciousness is not something that can happen through the normal channels of human will, for it is a spiritual process. It is like a river that one enters into, a stream of light that is moving rapidly that you surrender to, which takes you on a journey to an unknown destination. The journey requires faith and trust, and the willingness to suspend the familiar ways of doing things.

At this time on the Earth, the transformation of consciousness can be accomplished more easily with the aid of Lightworkers who have been prepared for just this purpose, to assist others in their journey of transformation.

There are also Master Teachers which you may also call spiritual teachers, who are present on the Earth to uplift and awaken many Lightworkers. You may be called to work with a Teacher, which is necessary for some in their spiritual awakening process.

The presence of a Lightworker or Teacher will raise the vibration of your physical body and consciousness, thus quickening and accelerating the process of transformation.

An integral component to the transformation of consciousness is the process of purification which allows for the maximum physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Purification releases all that is no longer needed within the Self that has been accumulated from its long journey into the physical, and returns the soul to its original state of Oneness with God.

There are two other components to the transformation of consciousness which allow the process to move more rapidly. One is the regular practice of meditation, sitting quietly within a sacred space that you have created, at least once per day. Setting up an altar will bring more Light to the sacred space and make it easier to move deeply into a meditative consciousness.

This process of meditating and listening within regularly allows the realms of Light to enter the body more easily, and infuse the consciousness and the energy bodies.

Additionally, as the process of purification and transformation progressive, the body moves into a higher vibration and at this time the body begins to require a different kind of nourishment. One's appetite changes and there is a need for lighter foods and foods which support this new vibration of Light See The Sacred Consciousness of Food.

Light can also be amplified by eating and drinking high chlorophyll foods which carry more physical Light and can open the body to receive more spiritual Light.

These are some of the ways you can work with the realms of Light to support the transformation of consciousness within yourself, which will support the transformation of the Earth. We appreciate your work and bless your commitment to Spirit.

May all beings know and feel the Oneness of which they are a part.
May all beings be blessed. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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