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Daily Blessings Issue #071 -- Times Of Rest
September 10, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Times Of Rest

There is so much happening, on so many levels of reality at this time. On the larger scale, the entire physical body of the Earth is in turmoil and rapid change.

The consciousness of humanity is also in turmoil, suspended between and old way of being and standing at the threshold of awakening to a completely new consciousness.

For each soul individually during this time, it is important to care for your physical body. The body is your vehicle for this lifetime, and is participating in a massive process of transition and transformation.

During these times the body requires extra water and extra rest. Your body may feel uncomfortable at times, not due to illness but due to vibrational change.

Respect the signals of the body and give yourself pure water and pure food. This will help the process you are in to flow more smoothly.

For those who fear you are lazy or indulgent, or avoiding your spiritual responsibilities, we remind you that the process of embodying more of God's Light is of utmost importance to the future of the Earth at this time.

Your ability to carry within your body the vibration of God's Light and love is essential to this forward movement of God's plan. Without these dedicated souls of Light, there will be no one available to assist, love and support those who have not yet been blessed with spiritual awakening.

See the many Lightworkers from every area of society -- the police, the media, public officials, and surrounding communities who are manifesting extraordinary courage, perseverance and compassion during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

These souls trained for many years to do what they are doing right now, and are currently being brought into a new level of awareness of global community. God loves and appreciates these souls and their extraordinary, dedicated service in the face of overwhelming challenge.

Your willingness to move into more Light in your consciousness and your body, will one day benefit many other souls. For this reason, resting and caring for your transforming body is a great service to humanity.

May all beings receive comfort. May all beings receive rest and peace. May all beings be blessed. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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