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Daily Blessings Issue #140 -- Times of Loss
January 25, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

Times of Loss

When something new comes into manifestation, even if it is longed for, hoped for and prayed for, there is always a corresponding letting go that occurs at the same time. This can be seen in the analogy of a young couple that is expecting their first child. The new arrival that comes to bless their life also creates dramatic and permanent change that requires the letting go of old parts of the self.

This powerful forward movement of change, happening now on the Earth is heralding the beginning of a new time. The new time will make possible so much that is blessed, sacred, longed for and hoped for by so many. It will also create an accelerated need to release personal attachments and old parts of the self that no longer serve the purposes of the present.

Personal attachments are a normal and natural component to living in physically manifested form. The body is programmed to require and desire air, water, food, physical pleasures and comforts, and the companionship of other souls. These are not to be seen as bad, but rather to be seen for what they are.

Many souls who have existed within separated consciousness mistakenly think of themselves as being their desires, thoughts and feelings. They have lost the experience and understanding of themselves as a soul, existing magnificently in the spiritual realms, temporarily enjoying the manifestation of life within a physical body for specific purposes.

As greater Light opens within consciousness, the soul comes to have some perspective of the larger picture, and is given the experience more and more of the reality of the true Self that lies within. Often it is at this time that the events of life accelerate, and the human embodied self is faced with multiple areas of life where rapid change is occurring.

If the soul responds to these changes from the smaller perspective of personal attachments, the process of change becomes more painful and resistance occurs as fear takes a hold of consciousness and creates multiple reasons to hold on and to avoid moving forward.

If the soul is able to find support for the new, larger consciousness that has been opening within, then the changes that are occurring can be faced with more peace. Emotions can be felt, experienced, accepted without the need to act upon them or see them as the ultimate truth. Thoughts can be seen and experienced as simply thoughts, passing through. A regular spiritual practice that creates quiet time and that opens consciousness to the larger Self will help nourish and support the new awakening that is occurring, so that the movements forward can be embraced rather than feared.

Even if the new that is arriving is joyful, it is important to fully honor and accept the grief that comes when something that was loved needs to be let go of. Whether this be a job, a home, a relationship, a loved one, or a part of the self, the love needs to be fully acknowledged and felt.

It is important to not fear the grief, which is a natural response of the human heart that has within it the seeds of God's wisdom. When grief is able to be fully felt and experienced, the soul is then freed to move forward even if it is not clear to the human self exactly how this will happen. The grief opens the doorways to the new, and allows the next steps to happen for all those involved.

During times of loss it is also important to be surrounded by those that can offer love, support and comfort. All souls on the Earth share a common bond of love that makes possible healing for all during these intense times. Be not alone in your suffering, share what is happening with those that can love and support you.

With love and blessings, peace and healing, strength and courage, and gratitude to all those with us on this journey. Amen.

Copyright 2006

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