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Daily Blessings Issue #102 -- The Times of Completion
November 03, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Times of Completion

This year there has been a shift, which many people are able to see both internally and externally. On the outer levels we see the great Mother Earth's changes and transformation begin to accelerate more dramatically. We also see a breaking apart of old, outmoded foundations. Systems and beliefs based on energies of fear and separation from God, which people previously accepted as truth, have begun to reveal themselves in their true nature.

For many this is a time of fear and uncertainty, as it is not clear how humanity will solve the many current and future problems being presented. It is also a time of great and sweeping changes, which for some will involve a process of disorientation as everything previously known is swept away.

There is a state of contraction that has been in place for a number of years, which has kept the expansion of God's Light to a small area that for many is invisible. This contraction has been in place as energies of separation, fear and darkness have appeared to be on the increase. We can see this manifested through world events, and through the accelerated corruption of the principles of freedom, liberty and justice that has been occurring in the country whose spiritual purpose is dedicated to freedom, the United States of America.

There is no way to avoid this outpouring of the expression of negative energies, for these have been in place for a number of years and are now being exposed for all to see, because of the greater Light of God that is present on the Earth to illuminate and purify that which is not of God.

There is a danger at this time present, one that is more of a threat that terrorism, war or disease. The danger is that people of God and people of heart, who feel deeply and who care deeply, may fall into depression, despair, and hopelessness about the difficulties that are manifesting on the Earth. These energies of despair distort the perception and cause the individual suffering with this energy to believe that God has abandoned her or him, or that God is not real, or that God does not care, or that God is not real.

The reason this is a danger at this time, is that the strong negative energies that are present and being released on the Earth can influence good people to stray from their heart's knowing. Good people with good intentions, when caught in the energy of hopelessness can fall into a desperation which causes them to take actions that are contrary to their heart's knowing of what is right.

We share these things with you so that you can be aware of what is happening. If you find yourself sinking into sudden emotions of despair and hopelessness, be aware of what happens to your body, mind, spirit and emotions in this energy. Notice that when this energy is present, you turn away from love and move further into isolation and separated consciousness.

Know that this energy of despair it is not the reality of God's love, and know that the way through this difficulty is being shown to you through your willingness to reach out to God and to cleave to Him with all your strength.

When the wave of negative energy has passed, you will see clearly the situation, and you will have developed a newfound strength in God. Having gone through the energies of separation, fear and despair without losing your connection with God, you will have paved a pathway of Light within your heart, one that not only will support you in your own life, but will be of service to your fellow souls on the Earth who are going through difficulties.

This learning process is essential for these current times. All that has been out of balance is being brought into God's divine wholeness. For this reason, we are seeing the expression of all that has been out of balance, and there will be more to come. Holding fast and cleaving to God's holy love, and staying connecting to spiritual support and your own inner guidance, are the ways through this period of cleansing.

This time has been prophesied for many years. Some call it the End Times, The Great Purification, The Time of Completion. It is important to remember that the intensity and difficulty are only one part of the equation.

There is another side to what is happening as well, which shows itself through the increased presence of God's love and Light on the Earth, and in the movement towards a new consciousness. For in reality, this time of change is a birth, the birth of a new consciousness and a new way of living on the Earth. Like all births, the time of labor is long and arduous, and yet the new life that is being born is precious and brings great joy.

We send these messages to be a support during this time, to assist all souls who wish a deeper connection with God, and who wish to receive comfort, strength and Light. Know that you are not alone in your journey, that you are seen and known by God and by those that guide and support your life path and life purpose.

May all beings be blessed with God's holy love. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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