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Daily Blessings Issue #084 -- The Time of Rebalancing
October 05, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Time of Rebalancing

At this moment on the Earth there is a tremendous amount of conflict happening on all levels. This conflict can be seen with the eyes of despair, that everything is falling apart, and that the others who are to blame are the cause ... or this conflict can be seen with the eyes of God's heart, who with all love has created humanity in His own image, with the freedom of choice to move forward in life and to make choices and decisions.

With God's heart one can see that this conflict is of a much larger and grander scale, for it has to do with the transformation of separated consciousness, which sees itself as alone and which sees all beings as separate from itself. Separated consciousness was a necessary step in the evolution of humanity, one that allowed for individuals to experience themselves as unique, special, precious and whole unto themselves.

Previous to this, humanity's consciousness was in a state that was more connected with the oneness, but which lacked the deep awareness of the individual self. Now the time has arrived for all beings to integrate and bring together within themselves opposites, polarities, and apparent differences, in order to manifest a new consciousness of One.

The consciousness of One allows for complete, unique individuality within the flow and connectedness of God's wholeness. This consciousness is growing daily on the Earth, and is being assisted by many beings both incarnate and not incarnate. This is a unique and special time for the Earth and for all those upon her.

During this time when opposites are being balanced, and wholeness is being created on all levels, there is an acceleration of the divine law of karma. This universal balance created by God at the beginning of time ensured that all beings would come to know themselves as one. The law of karma, which is also know as divine justice, ensures that what an individual soul puts out into the world, in the form of thoughts, energies and deeds, will be returned to him or her in the divine flow of God's harmony.

God's rebalancing assures that those choices that are made to harm others, that deprive others of their divine freedoms, are healed and brought into universal harmony through the free will and choice of all souls concerned. This profound truth is beyond human understanding, for it is not possible to fully understand another soul's experience. Outside appearances do not speak of the full reality of a situation, and so it is important at this time to trust God's divine and compassionate justice in all situations.

Christ Jesus offered this prayer, when he was accepting into his being the accumulated darkness of humanity during His ordeal of crucifixion ... Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. This divine and holy prayer of love, offered at a time of the most immense and extreme suffering possible, was an act of God's holy grace, given freely to relieve some of the large accumulated negativity that would have otherwise resulted in extreme karmic rebalancing on the Earth.

God's grace and love is always present in all situations to heal and to forgive, even large karmic burdens and debts that would otherwise require such painful consequences. God's divine justice is always present with the element of compassion and forgiveness.

That which we put out to the world and to others will always be returned to us. It is tempting to see a wrongdoing perpetrated by another, and to judge that person and wish upon them bad things. However this is not necessary, and in actuality impedes the flow of God's holy Light within the situation. The desire to seek revenge, to lash out when we are hurt is common, but is not useful at this time, nor is it helpful to the individual harboring these energies.

Instead, now is the time to follow the Christ who showed the way through pain and suffering with His magnificence of love, compassion and forgiveness. He created a pathway of God's Light which is important to follow during this time of conflict. This pathway is one of God's love and Light, and is available to all beings regardless of religion. It is the pathway of the Heart, the heart whose love grows stronger in the presence of difficulties and whose love and compassion heals and brings more of God's love and Light to the Earth and to all beings.

God's divine rebalancing process aligns all within love and truth, and is available to all those on the Earth who are seeking wholeness, freedom and peace at this time. We wish to be of assistance to all those who wish to receive the peace and clarity of God's goodness, and send our love and good wishes to all those who are present on the Earth at this time.

May all beings be blessed with God's holy peace and wisdom. May all beings come to know and feel God's comfort and love. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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