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Daily Blessings Issue #126 -- This Time of Joy
December 19, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

This Time of Joy

During this holiday season, the focus is upon the joyous redemption and renewal of life. Celebrations of many cultures bring to mind light, joy and peace, and yet for many individuals at this time their suffering is at their greatest.

Those who have lost loved ones feel this loss most keenly at a time when families and loved ones gather to celebrate. Those who have gone through dramatic upheavals in their lives may find this holiday season a reminder of the unwanted difficulties they have endured. The focus of attention on God's love during this season can bring up pain that was previous buried and unavailable to consciousness.

For many souls, 2005 was a major year of re-orientation, dramatic changes and inner awakenings. This very difficult year has irrevocably changed many lives, and at the same time has opened the pathway for a new consciousness to emerge on the Earth. This new consciousness is being anchored within every human heart, and you who are participating with us in this journey are instrumental in bringing about this transformation.

The birthing of a new consciousness into material form is a profound and intense process, much like the birth of a human being. It opens new doorways in the heart and soul and body of a person. This new dimension of consciousness, and of life is emerging now in its infancy. The seeds of the New are being sown everywhere.

Despite the great difficulties and injustices being expressed in the world arena, there is also a greater Light that is now present on the Earth that will make possible a profound transformation of human consciousness. Each soul on the Earth is participating in this transformation consciously or unconsciously, and your life is inextricably connected with this growing web of God's Light that is expressing itself with greater and greater presence.

During this time when for many there is great suffering, there is also great comfort in the promise that God has made to bring all souls into a deep and lasting relationship with the One-ness and unity that is God's love.

This is a time to join with other like minded and like hearted souls, to gain strength in your love and faith, so be comforted in your trials, and to enter the New Year of 2006 with hope for the future which is already coming to pass.

The prophet Isaiah said "For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth..." and we are so blessed to be with you as active participants in this process.

May all beings be blessed.
May all beings be at peace.
May all beings know and feel God's holy love and comfort. Amen.

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