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Daily Blessings Issue #143 -- The Time of Correction
January 30, 2006
Hello Dear Ones,

The Time of Correction

The evolution of humanity, and the evolution of each soul, is a profound process of ongoing relationship and of partnership between God, the spiritual realms, and those presently incarnated in the world of form. Physical reality is but one of many dimensions of reality, and yet is a profoundly important one that influences all of creation.

The present time of quickening that will bring the physical Earth into greater harmony with the spiritual realms is part of a much greater cosmic event whose reaches extend far beyond the physical realms. As the greater Light of God reaches evermore deeply into physical matter, all that has been out of alignment with the harmony of God is brought to the surface, released and transformed.

This period of accelerated cleansing will at times be intense, both for individuals and for the Earth herself. There will be times when it is not possible to fully grasp the larger picture of what is unfolding, in the midst of such rapid change. That is why at this time there spiritual teachings are being offered, through many avenues, to assist souls to experience and strengthen the spiritual connection within. Your inner work of strengthening faith, strengthening love, and strengthening compassion will offer a support both to your own life and to those around you.

It is important to understand that spiritual life is a dynamic process, always involved with the free will choices of all souls. Each choice that each soul makes, affects all other souls. For this reason, there will be times when paths appear to open, which later change direction or close down in the face of a new path that emerges unexpectedly.

For this reason the qualities of surrender and release of attachments will become of greater importance in the times ahead. The need to learn to flow, to modify directions, and to move forward with God despite disappointments, challenges and difficulties, will become of greater importance in the future. Responses of anger at God, or at those who have wronged you, may emerge during times of unexpected challenge. With love, compassion, and faith, these experiences can be endured until such time as the new path, the new direction and the new life begin to unfold.

It is our hope to offer support and guidance for these times that are about to unfold, and to assist each soul who wishes to emerge deeply, fully, and completely from the bonds of separated consciousness into the full Light of God's holy love. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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