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Daily Blessings Issue #050 -- The Gift Of Spirit
August 17, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Gift Of Spirit

There are times within one's life when many long awaited changes happen quickly, moving the soul forward on its path towards its destiny and purpose.

The gift of spirit that is given at this time appears suddenly but is actually the result of much preparation on the part of the soul that has been so blessed. The preparation can take years, sometimes lifetimes to accomplish, and in doing so the soul learns many valuable lessons about perseverance, faith, love, forgiveness, and humility.

This gift of spirit, which brings greater love, Light, peace, joy, and fulfillment to the soul is given to all who walk the path of spirit and who sincerely long for a deeper relationship with God.

The timing of when a soul is ready to receive this gift is determined by God and that soul, and is usually not known consciously to the human awareness. This gift and blessing is for all those who seek it, and will come in God's time to transform and bless not only the life of he or she who has received it, but all those connected with that soul.

The day to day learning process of life is the crucible where the qualities of faith, patience, humility, devotion and love are forged and deepened within the heart and the consciousness.

Trust not in the skeptical mind, the voice of doubt which does not know that God is real. Trust instead the inner flame of truth within that you and all souls are born with, the voice of truth and love in the heart that seeks to express God's love and your own soul's unique gift and vibration in the world.

Trust that Oneness of which you are an important and integral part. God created you because you are needed here, at this time, in this place, to fulfill your unique purpose and destiny.

May your path be blessed. May you find strength and peace and wisdom within your heart. May all beings be blessed. May all beings be at peace. Amen.

Received and shared with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell Copyright 2005

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