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Daily Blessings Issue #060 -- The Divine Child
August 27, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Divine Child

The Divine Child is an archetype that represents a quality that each soul is created with. You have within yourself this Divine Child who totally trusts God, trusts the universe and trusts life.

The Divine Child appears in different forms and in different cultures, but with the same message of innocence, purity and trust.

During these serious times currently manifesting on the Earth, there are those who believe it is foolish to trust God. They feel strength and cunning and power will win the victory.

In the long run however, these will not. Peace will never be created from war. Democracy cannot be created by force. Only a return to God and to the consciousness of love can bring peace.

And what of those that have wronged you -- acted out against you, done terrible things that cannot be fathomed?

Here is where God's love is most important. Remember the words of his sacred Son who prayed "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Only God's love can bring peace. God's love lives within the heart of the Divine Child of each soul. Embrace the Divine Child within who shall lead you Home.

May all beings know forgiveness.
May all beings be at peace. Amen.

Copyright 2005

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