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Daily Blessings Issue #070 -- The Testing of Faith
September 09, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

The Testing of Faith

When we witness horrific acts of brutality such as those recently manifested in the wake of natural disaster Katrina, our hearts are wrenched with agony that such unspeakable cruelty could occur.

This is a time of testing of our faith. Our hearts are so horrified that the natural tendency is to close our hearts and minds in revulsion and to lash out in anger to protect what has broken within us.

It is important to deeply understand that the testing of our faith lies in our willingness to see with truth the horror and brutality that has been expressed, while remaining open in our hearts to God's love.

Our hearts are asked at this time to grow larger, to endure the pain and suffering of our fellow souls who have been victims not only of a natural disaster but of an affliction far greater ... the energies of darkness that preyed upon the fear, rage and despair of a few people and closed their hearts.

In their rage and helplessness and fear, these lost souls lashed out at life itself. Their terrible acts of desecration have shocked all open hearts and have tested the faith of many.

Why do souls created in God's image lose their faith and their connection with Him? We wonder why God would allow such horrors, and cannot bear to witness such cruelty. This pain touches every aspect of our being, and asks us to make a choice.

Do we feel our pain with God, or without God? If we leave God behind, if we become so immersed in despair, rage, and grief that we forget our Creator, we run the risk of embodying the very negativity and separation that we are so distressed to witness in others.

The power of God's Light and love is stronger than energies of darkness, but we must choose consciously to connect with God's Light and love in order be of help in this situation.

Choose to share your pain, your grief, your outrage, your horror with God. God gives each of His children the gift of free will and choice. Each soul has the opportunity at each moment to choose God's love. This choice that you make for love will be of help to your fellow souls on the Earth who are also traveling through these tumultuous times together.

Those souls who have chosen fear and rage, and those souls who have perpetrated terrible acts have made serious choices. They will reap the results of their actions in God's time.

Your choice is faith, and the magnificent forgiveness that God's holy Son showed to those who perpetrated unimaginable cruelty to Him ... Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

This prayer requires a large heart, and the willingess to release all entitlement and rage towards those that perpetrate violence. This is the Christ consciousness that is present and available to all beings on the Earth who seek this holy love. You have only to ask to receive this blessing that will transform your life.

The time of purification is upon us dear ones. Educate yourselves so you can be wise for the times ahead, firmly grounded in God's faith. We offer you these teachings to prepare yourselves for the times ahead.

May all beings be filled with the strength of God's love. May all beings be blessed with God's holy forgiveness. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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